Web Design in Newcastle Australia


We have incredibly creative ideas that are just waiting to be used on your new website. We specialise in creating websites that 'grow' with your business.


What this means is when you need a new page (for a competition, or special for example) It can be added by anyone with the click of a button. There is a back-end login section with user groups - You can have one for a receptionist or data entry worker to login and add text, images and more. Of course, if you get stuck we can also help you out.


Build contact forms easily in the back-end with little to no knowledge of web. Custom forms, say for a competition or a special event, job application and more can be created in no time at all and put on any page of your website.


SEO and code quality is important. We stick to W3C as close as we can and upon release of your website will use passive tactics to get you site higher on google. More aggressive SEO can be purchased on request.


Adding extra features to your site becomes an easier task with us. Down the road you may start wanting more features - connecting socially, have a blog or shopping cart and more. There is no big redesign to your site after it is completed.


When the website project is finished you will receive a CD hard copy of all data created, graphics and designs along with a two page instruction sheet to help you start integrating your business with your new site.

Websites in Newcastle Australia